Flipnik 2018 Sign Up Details

Team Registration

Register your 4-person team using the link (coming soon). There are only 16 team slots for Flipnik!

- EARLY BIRD ENTRY: $60 per team (First 6 teams ONLY)

- JULY ENTRY: $80 per team

-  AUGUST ENTRY: $100 per team 

Free Agent Registration

- FREE AGENT: Limited quantity free agent slots available for $25.

Free  Agents will be placed on a team with other free agents on a first-come,  first-served basis. Free Agents can sign up for just themselves or they  may register more than 1 free agent at a time in the ticket purchase  option. For example, if you have 1-2 others that you'd like to be on a team with (but don't have the 4 total people to make a full team), you can register them at the same time with you. We'll do our best to  guarantee you're all on the same team together. In the event that free  agents are unable to be placed on a team on the event day, they will  receive a full refund.