How did Flipnik start?

With the annual TPSF football game played once per year in Atlanta during Super Bowl Weekend, the crew was looking for ways to maintain their "competitive edge" that didn't involve tackling each other and being sore for the following week. With the oppressive heat bearing down during a Georgia summer and looking to stay hydrated, they decided to host a flip cup tourney. As an ode to Atlanta's Spring Break past, it was affectionately named, Flipnik. 

In summer 2012, the first Flipnik was held in a converted garage on a beat up ping pong table. What turned out to be one of the most fun nights the TPSF group had with a thrilling finish to the tourney, they decided to carry on the tradition of Flipnik, hosting the annual event each Summer! 

The event was held at Milltown Tavern in Cabbagetown for the last four years, and for the first time in 2018 will be held at The Deep End, in the Old Fourth Ward Area. 

Keeping with their charitable endeavors, the event will be supporting the Georgia Chapter of Pets For Vets, with proceeds from drink specials supporting this great charity! 

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